Ryan Roxie, Ren Ferguson and I at the Gibson Clinic in Warsaw, Poland. 24-10-2009

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The Late 20th Century
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In the 1960s I (can't speak for others) was reading Ralph Waldo Emerson & Alan Ginsberg and listening to The Fogs, Peter, Paul and Mary, Donovan, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Hendrix, The Doors, The Cream etc. There were also the Cold War and Vietnam War, human rights movements, sexual liberation and a growing antiwar movement that I participated in. So I took a stand on many of those issues and was called a hippie; thus I became one of the 2% of young Americans between the ages of 15 and 25 that formed the 1960s Hippie Movement.

In 1970s, at about the time when the Vietnam War was over a gay liberation movement swept across many American cities. It was a time for celebration! There were many house parties and celebration in Chicago and everywhere. By the 1980s things slowed down and changed due to the spread of the HIV virus. Many babyboomers felt burned out and the economy also started burning out. Due to the depressing situation and family reasons I decided to move to Europe to join my Mom who decided to relocate there instead of moving to Arizona or Florida. I never planned to stay there long but one thing led to another and I has the rare oppertunity to witness the Solidarity Movement, the fall of Communism and the tearring down of the Berlin Wall. After that came the expansion of the European Union, which I prefer to call the United States of Europe.

My secret hope is to see the EU and the North American Union forming an Transatlantic Union one day because I'm all for peace, love, freedom and free trade. Yes, we're still on a frontier of a new age that began with the 1960s freedom movements. So lets move on in that spirit of peace, love and freedom to do what makes one happy and forget past grievances that may still divide us.

Below are some of my photos from 1960-80s. More albums are in the photo galleries on top of this page.

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My first guitar. Chicago 1966

I bought my first guitar in 1966
with money I got for Xmas.

Paul McCartney and his first guitar ("The Beatles Anthology").

In 2003, I found out that
Paul McCartney's first guitar
was also the Blues & Jazz "F" hole type like my first guitar.
Later, I also found out that he wanted to become an English Teacher.
That's another coinsidence because I've been teaching ESL abroad for years.

By 1969 my guitar looked like this when I hit the road.
Finally, I sold it in Europe when hard pressed for cash.

Wisconsin 1976

Chicago's Lakefront 1979

With Tantra Yoga Guru friends from India, Planet Earth 1992

Warsaw, Poland. December 2010

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